Wooden Jewelry Box Kits

The Christmas season is now in our rear view but I am still being touched by the wonderful letter we got from a young man named Sean.

Hey guys!

My name is Sean Hess and I am 16 years old, and I’d like to start off by saying I love your site and the idea behind it. I decided about a week ago that I wanted to build my girlfriend a jewelry box for Christmas because she has tons and tons of jewelry scattered around her room and it always takes her a while to find what she is looking for. I didn’t want to buy her one premade, I really wanted to make one myself. So I started hunting for ideas on YouTube and Google and after watching 20 videos and reading 15 blueprints I came to the conclusion that building even the smallest of jewelry boxes is a herculean task that requires much more skill and tools than I have available. I was feeling pretty down realizing I couldn’t do it, and that’s when I stumbled on your website from a link you posted on a woodworkers forum. When I read your description on the home page, I knew that this is what I was looking for. I have viewed all of the boxes and I think they are absolutely beautiful. I decided that I’d like to build her the “lotus” box, and I know she will love it. The problem is that I am just a little bit short on funds because after the felt inserts and shipping it will cost almost $250. I really want to get started on building it as soon as possible, so I would like to order tomorrow if I can.

So what bring me here is that I was wondering if you guys do any sort of sales for Black Friday, small business Saturday, or cyber Monday that I could take advantage of and buy the box. I would really appreciate an email back as soon ask you read this because I’m afraid I will run out of time to build it if I wait too long.

Thank you for reading,

Of course we gave him a deep discount and he has since sent us pictures of the completed project. This is just one of the wonderful aspects of having a woodworking business. It gives us the opportunity to meet great people.

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