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To Plant or Not To Plant…That is the Question

A little more that a month ago our truck looked like this and I was itching to get up to our ski mountain, June Mountain for a bit of late season powder. (It was great!)

Today, it looks like the temperature is going to be in the high seventies and will be that way until the end of the week.

We went to Home Depot last week and bought some bark mulch which I am dying to spread on my flower beds now that the snow has melted. While I was there (it’s two hours to the north and at 4000 ft elevation) I was enticed by their displays of spring flowers. So many questions emerge…

Should I try to plant now?

Could I keep these guys alive by bringing them in at night?

Should I just wait until June because last year it snowed on Memorial Day weekend?

One thing I know for sure, I’m dying to get out for a hike in the back country so maybe the planting can wait a bit.

spring snow

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Laura April 21, 2012 at 5:53 pm

Hey Alice,

I too am itching to start digging up the ground. The tulip heads are visible from the sprouted leaves – will probably see them appear by the end of this warm week. We’ve taken out the hoses and have begun watering both the lawn and the bulbs. The bulbs should do fine regardless of snow/cold.

If you bought something like bulbs or peonies you can put them in the ground now. But not the annuals – got to wait until the evenings are now longer freezing.

I am down visiting Mom in Ventura now and will be coming back with about 10 flats of annual flowers. Will be carrying them outside daily, then putting them in a storeroom for the evenings. Let me know if you are interested doing some wholesale flat purchases (about $12/flat = six pony 6-packs). Be back Tues or Wed.

cell (805) 218-1552


Alice April 21, 2012 at 8:24 pm

We called you today to invite you for a hike up to Parker Lake but I forgot you were at your mom’s house. It’s so beautiful today. I stripped and varnished the posts on the front of the colonnade. I’m getting ready for Opening Weekend. I plan to be at the shop all weekend and I’m going to make a huge banner which says…free delivery for Mother’s Day. That oughtta get em!!

I guess I’ll wait on the flowers until I see what comes up.


Gail Abbott April 22, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Go take a hike. Don’t waste your time and money buying too soon. It’ll all be there in a month.


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