The New Year Awaits

and I’m very excited! We have had great response to our new line of jewelry box kits. We were featured on two of my favorite blogs: Hewn and Hammered and the wonderful Heartful Village. I want to thank both Josh and Marina respectively for their generosity in helping me get the word out about our new venture.

I have also been reaching out to my fellow woodworkers to get their feedback about our jewelry box kits. They do admire them and have suggested that I might find a market in the crafting community. So my newest campaign is going to be posting on DIY craft sites like Get Crafty. I welcome any and all suggestions about how to get the word out about our really cool kits.

And finally, if I have done the set-up correctly this post will be appearing on an RSS feed. If not, I’ll keep working on it. Doris!!!!

Let’s all keep our hopes high for the best year ever.

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