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The Artist Currently Known as Bouke Hollinga

Not to self: never let a piece leave the shop until you get decent pictures of it!!!

Sometimes I forget to post good news. Several weeks ago I received a wonderful note from a client I had made a custom box for.
It’s copied below. It was such an unusual commission because it was a box to house an exquisite chopstick set which was made of ebony and decorated with beautiful gold embellishments. The artist and jeweler, Bouke Hollinga, contacted me via Dream Mountain Studio
and told me of his project and some of the specifications required. After we agreed on a price and design he sent me the pieces which would be stored in the box.

It was delightful to work for him because he was so appreciative of all we did. I am hoping he will think of something else he needs! (I just went to retrieve the pictures he sent me of the box with the chopsticks and other pieces in it and the thingy has expired…to be continued.)

Dear Alice,

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, worthy of my chopstick set. Am I glad to have found you and have you to this job for me. The fit is perfect, the finish is perfect, “THANK YOU”.

I will make pictures of the box with the set in the coming days and mail them to you.

I was going to ask you for business cards and I forgot, but you included some which is great so I can represent you as the maker of the box.

The set is going to be viewed in a fine jewelry store at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. A friend of mine owns that store and we both apprenticed under the same master “Orlando Feriozzi” My friends name is Robin Woolard, check out his webside

You will hear from me.
Greetings Bouke

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