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So You Wanna Build a Jewelry Box!

So I’ve been getting terrific feedback from the forums I’ve been posting on.

People love our boxes. Really, now, how can they help it?

Bobby tackled our Dandelion Jewelry Chest for his wife Michelle

But,  on the woodworkers’ sites I’m hearing it might be a little difficult to get the hardcore woodworker to be interested in building someone else’s design.To which I say, a lot of hardcore woodworkers are building someone else’s design every time they build from a jewelry box plan. To which they might say, well I like to cut my own pieces. To which I say, I understand but what if you can concentrate on the craftsmanship and leave the cutting to us. Besides, your shop will stay nice and clean and you won’t be throwing any wood away due to the  mistakes that get made my every woodworker on the planet. And last, but not least, they say the kits are a bit on the expensive side. To which I say, go buy the wood and you might not think so.

But you know those hardcore woodworkers (of which I am one). They think what they think. And while they were thinking they suggested the crafting community. These are folks who love to make things and love wood but may not have a shop full of expensive tools with which to create wood products from scratch. Already, I’ve had some great feedback from this group and have enjoyed talking to these folks  about our woodworking kits.

Our kits can be personalized in endless ways in the finishing process. The builder can execute the full range of options when it comes to accenting our motifs or the type of stain he chooses. The crafter has probably already experimented and become successful at a whole range of finishes we hardcore woodworkers have never even imagined.

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