Skills Required

We have received some feedback which has advised us to rank the difficulty of our kits. While we believe that anyone who has worked with materials and can read directions will be very successful building our kits, we are speaking as ones who have designed the kits and know how they go together. So we have added a “skill level recommended” and also an estimated time of completion to each product page. Please know that these ratings are approximations and that we are here to help with any difficulty you may encounter.  Our jewelry box kits have been assembled by customers who are quite skilled at woodworking and those for whom this is their first woodworking project. These jewelry box kits are designed to be put together by people with a range of skill levels.

We will begin by giving you pictures of all the parts which are required for successful assembly and give you detailed information how to assemble each and every piece in the kits. You will be introduced to some basic woodworking terms and techniques. Each box made from our kits will be unique based on decisions you make about stain, color and finish, but we will provide you some suggestions and product recommendations.

Some of the techniques you will learn are the proper way to sand and how to apply glue to get a good bond with minimal clean-up. You will learn how to use pre-glued veneer, how to file it to a beautiful finished edge and even how to install a hinge properly. We have included step-by-step instructions on how to line a drawer with fabric and construct a ring storage space for your box.

Again, the most important skills are self confidence and attention to detail.We believe that we have engineered these woodworking kits so that the average person with some skill and a sense of excellence can construct an exceptional product.