What’s in a Kit

Included in each jewelry box kit are all of the wood parts needed to complete your project. We use the finest hardwoods and veneered products. Each piece has been precision-cut for fit and ease of construction.

Included are instructions with photos of each kit laid out and labeled. Upon delivery, verify that all parts are included in the package and in good condition. Call us if anything is missing and a replacement part will be sent as soon as possible.

Hardware such as hinges, screws for hinges and knobs (for selected designs) are part of each woodworking kit. Enough banding required for the project is also included. It is strongly recommended that you plan how to cut this material so you do not run short.

If you ordered the optional drawer lining, then velvet and cardboard will be included, as well as detailed instructions on how to line drawers.

Some of the designs have a recess for a mirror. We do not provide the mirror, but you can either cut a mirror to fit or your local glass shop do it for you.