Launching Ready to Build

So we are days away from our big launch. I have so many people to thank. First, I need to thank Ed for supporting this idea and doing so much work to make it happen. Then I want to thank my friends and students, Igor and Lee Vorobyoff and Michelle Bradford. Our video would have been very dull indeed without their presence. Robert Bradford did triple duty, building a kit, videotaping and editing our homepage video. Awesome job, Bobby. So glad to know you! And last but never, ever least, my intrepid webmistress and dear friend, Doris Reilly, who held my hand while holding to her high standards. It’s been such a wild ride launching this site and she has made it all happen.

I am blessed!

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Ilse Brukner November 23, 2011 at 10:19 pm

Alice and Ed:
Congratulations to the launch of your website. I know it was a labor and brain challenging project. You succeeded very well and the website is awesome. It is easy to follow and I do hope the orders are going to roll in.
I keep my fingers crossed.
Ilse (Doris’ Mom. Remember us? Ali and Ilse, the Germans ?)


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