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Jewelry box kit went together well!

I always forget to post the nice letters I get, so here’s to doing more of this in 2014. I received this a couple of days ago. I responded with detailed instructions about highlighting the engravings of our kits.facebook1

Mrs. Suszynski,

Thank you for shipping my kit so quickly! Everything was in great condition and it was very easy to put together and looks great. I know my girlfriend will be very surprised when she receives it on Valentine’s Day. 

I do have one question for you. As far as painting goes, I bought minwax stain and seal and read through your directions where you mentioned about painting the carving but do not fully understand what you mean with using a foam/cardboard to apply the acrylic paint. Should I apply the minwax to everything first than use the acrylic to add color to the carving?


Thank you,

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