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Inner Child

I have one of those families who love to sit around on holiday weekend mornings and discuss the ways of the world. My niece Megan is in marketing/branding and works for a company, Bulldog Drummond, that is doing some really innovative things. One of these is that they go into schools and help kids figure out what their passion is before they waste a lot of time pursuing a degree in something that is not.

So, over coffee, Megan asked those assembled (my sister, husband and I) when we discovered our passion. I told her it was a very distinct memory for me and it had to do with reading the book, The Art of Loving, by Erich Fromm. Fromm was railing against what he thought was going to be the end of creativity and fulfillment in this country because of mechanization and specialization. He mentioned two professions where one could still build something from start to finish on one’s own, carpentry and shoe making. Obviously, Fromm hadn’t a clue about either profession but the book got me thinking about making things and I realized that had been a passion of mine from childhood.

I was twenty and I spent the next year thinking about what I really wanted to do and how I was going to get to do it.

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