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Excellent Friends

Today, Doris Reilly, my fabulous webster (whose name I forgot to mention in my prior post) put the Ready To Build video on-line and on our website.

When we originally planned to have video on our website, I was lucky to find Robert Bradford to do the filming. He’s a young, cool guy so I figured it would be a video which would appeal to a contemporary audience. (Doris asked me one day if there would be headbanger music in the background.) But little did I know the perfectionist that is Robert. He brought lights into the shop. We made a lengthy script. He shot from at least five angles.

But the best day was recording the voice over. Robert brought his recording equipment over to our house as well as his video cam and informed me that we would be filming me doing the voice over. I rushed around figuring out what to do with my hair and make-up and tried not to READ the script I had prepared. We did at least five takes from different angles and eventually had to put our dog in the bedroom so she wouldn’t be heard in the background. In the final cut, you don’t see too much of this.

Anyway, I continue to be most grateful for my band of excellent friends.

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Monica November 23, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Hi Alice-
Remember me, Doris’ sister?… How exciting! The website is up and running… before Christmas even. I’m trying to choose my favorite jewelry box, they’re all so nice. The website is encouraging as far as the difficulty of making one but I think the videos will be important. Lots of luck with this endeavor!


Alice November 23, 2011 at 9:56 pm

I couldn’t have done it without your genius sibling. Thanks for the props!!
Don’t forget to like us!!!


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