Dream Mountain Studio is the wife-and-husband team of Alice and Ed Suszynski.

Alice has been a cabinetmaker for over thirty-five years. She has produced everything from residential and commercial custom designs to fine furniture. Her furniture designs have won numerous awards.

Ed is an electro-mechanical engineer with a knack for invention. While still living in San Diego, Ed indulged his engineering gene and built what was the become the centerpiece of their wooden box making business, a CNC router.

Spending time in her workshop is not Alice’s only passion. She loves teaching, and spent several years instructing high school wood shop. Her idea to make their precision cut parts available to the public was born out of that experience. She saw the opportunity to make available their unique designs as kits with complete and understandable instructions so that anyone interested in undertaking the challenge would be successful.

Alice and Ed moved to the Eastern Sierra, near Yosemite National Park, in 2004 to pursue their love of hiking, fishing, skiing and just being around natural beauty. The influence of their surroundings is evident in the organic designs they have created.

In addition to the kits featured on this website, they also sell finished jewelry storage and silverware chests at Dream Mountain Studio.