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A Few Words About Our Logo

There is another hero in our brand new adventure and that is our daughter, Angela Roth. She is the unpaid designer of our two logos.
It’s great to have an artistic offspring, particularly when you don’t have a lot of cash to throw around and you can remind her of all that you have done for her:)

Angela jumped in when we were trying to get our Dream Mountain Studio site up and running and designed the logo for that.

Angela's excellent Dream Mountain Studio logo

(At this time I will have to also acknowledge our niece, Megan Grable’s branding expertise. She has been for the last many years working as a branding professional and helped make Angela’s original design ‘sing!’. More on Megan later.)

But this new logo is all Angela. It’s interesting to try to work long distance with a designer (a little to the left!), but she showed enormous patience and created a wonderful and memorable design.

Thanks Angela. We love it!

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